The Wheel of the Year: Beltane

Beltane (May 1st), also known as May Day, welcomes and celebrates the transition from Spring, marked by the Spring Equinox around March 21st, into Summer, which officially starts with the Summer Solstice around June 21st. Beltane is the time to celebrate the days becoming longer, the sun becoming stronger, and the planted seeds beginning to grow.

Beltane is a festival of life. May Eve (April 31st) is the time when life and the Earth are at their sexual peaks. Fertility is the theme of Beltane feasts and celebrations. Beltane is when the Green God and the Maiden Goddess are reunited, and the Green God reclaims the Maiden Goddess’ as his consort and their union is consummated. Traditionally, celebrations involve rituals to promote sexuality, passion, and vitality.

Ways to Celebrate Beltane:

  • Light a fire or candles from 12am to 11:59pm on May Day to honor the Sun and the coming bounty of light!
  • Have a feast with fresh fruits, vegetables, and refreshing tea, steeped in the sun.
  • Decorate with green, blue, and silver to celebrate the colors of summer.
  • Put up a Maypole and decorate it with green, blue, and silver ribbons.
  • Turn on your favorite festive music and dance around the Maypole with your lovers, friends, or family.
  • Celebrate your sexuality and vitality with your partner!

    Beltane marks the start of the growth cycle. Take this time to reflect on the areas of life in which you could grow, and write down your intentions in your journal.. Once you are clear perform a ritual or work a spell to ignite the energy you will need to attain your goals.

    Tarot for Beltane

    Light My Fire Spread:

    Card 1: Fire: What ignites my passion?

    Card 2: Virility: Where do I get my strength and energy?

    Card 3: Sexuality: What attracts others to me?

    Card 4: Commitment: What should I commit to during this?

    Card 5:: Union: How can I deepen my relationships?

    Take note of your tarot readings in your GIT journal and look back on the readings during the year for guidance, and to hone your intentions and actions. If there is something that is unclear during your reading, revisit the reading in a month, and note what you learn. If it remains unclear, wait another month to review it. Once it does become clear, notate what you now realize! At the end of the year, the GIT journal can be a good way to reflect on personal growth, let go of last year’s lessons, and prepare for the upcoming year.

    UPCOMING: Learn more about Litha, the traditions and customs, and how to incorporate Tarot into your celebration.




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