Our Team

Our Team

Da Brigh ("duh-br-EYE") is a brand of Tarot cards which brings beautiful art to your divination table.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring new art to the Tarot community and professional, scholarly content about the decks to our customers. We find talented artists, ask them to create new illustrations for the decks, and then we print these decks using the latest technologies, such as foil stamping and UV coating. We select the finest card stock, like 350 gsm Caidie art paper or other 350 gsm art paper that produces a linen finish, both are great for shuffling and durability.

As a result, we are creating Tarot decks that are the highest quality in terms of art and card stock. We also get our booklets written by tarot reading professional who has been doing readings since 1992, and who also happens to have a PhD in English, which means the written material explaining the cards in the deck is as high quality as the art and the print production.

We also reproduce historical decks. For the classic decks, we use the original artwork that is familiar to the Tarot enthusiast, but we improve upon it by enhancing the colors and graphics. Because today’s printing technology is far more superior than before, we can create a beautiful aesthetic that is more modern and pleasing to the eye.

Our Team

We have a fantastic team!

Philip Young, PhD - Art Director

Philip Young, PhD

Creative Director, Professional Tarot Reader, and Copyright Manager

Philip has a professional reading career dating all the way back to 1992. He joined Da Brigh in 2020 to help evaluate the existing decks and make improvements to the booklets that came with decks. Since then he has taken on the role of Art Director and is responsible for hiring new artists, directing them through the deck development process, and seeing the final versions go to print. He manages the Da Brigh website. And, he handles copyright issues to ensure that buyers get one of our quality decks and not a counterfeit version.

Anton Rukhlin


Anton is a computer software engineer by degree and trade, earning his professional credentials from North Carolina State. He has always wanted to be a business owner and found tarot cards fascinating, which led him to produce the best modern Pamela Colman Smith deck in 2019, the Original Tarot. His vision is to create the number one selling tarot deck company in the world!

Artist Victoria Iva

Aliya Izmylova

Graphic Designer and Artist

Aliya is a talented graphic designer who oversees the art production from the files submitted by the artist to the ones sent to the printer. She teams with Philip to make sure our decks are the best they can be. She is also a fantastic artist, who has developed three decks around the themes of cats, witches, and Halloween (all forthcoming soon).

The Artists

We have some amazing artists!

Yury Skorohod


Yury (Nickname - Artscore), is a graphic artist. Born in 1986 and based in Minsk, Belarus, he graduated from Belarussian State University in 2009 with a degree in design.

Regarding his art, Yury says, "For the last 10 years I've been improving my skills in the rare technique called stippling/pointillism (also known as dotwork). I do my work with isographs, pigment liners, inks, and paper. The 'dot' marks the beginning and the end of a line. Instead of "connecting the dots," I cluster and separate dots to make my images, which give them a unique feel that can only be achieved with this technique."

Darkside Skeleton Tarot

Victoria Iva


Victoria is a graphic illustrator who collaborates with many different publishers. She loves art that is sincere and moves the viewer. “I consider northern revival to the highest art; I can even cry in front of a picture.” She believes art should impact the person intensely and possess a hidden magic that unfolds while being viewed.

Her main criteria for any work is that there is something in the art that resonates with the individual on a deep level. She calls this "Magical Realism," which she describes as an artist’s strength and "glow" coming out in their artwork.

The African Tarot | The Black Tarot | The Guiding Light Tarot

Yuliya Orlova


Yulia is a professional illustrator. Her work has graced the covers of several books, as well as page illustrations. Her other projects include working as an artist for several computer games, one of which is Mafia, a popular mobile app. When it comes to art, Yulia is drawn to Impressionism and Pre-Raphaelite paintings. She loves the bright colors and mythical, fairy tale-like themes. In the modern art world, fantasy is her favorite.

The Original Tarot | The Lustrous Tarot | Tarot of Marseilles

Artist Kate Kalmykova

Ekaterina "Kate" Kalmykova


Ekaterina “Kate” Kalmykova has worked as a lead artist for several mobile and PC game design projects, some of which have millions of users. She has also worked on educational games for adults and children, as well as a series of coloring books published in the United States.

Ekaterina’s favorite art styles are modern and contemporary, and her favorite artist is Egon Schiele. She finds his art supremely expressive and full of drama. Gustav Klimt, who was Egon Schiele’s friend and mentor, was “a stunning artist who can show the beauty in drama, and display Death, Love, Fate, and Fear in a multifaceted way.”

Two other favorite artists of hers are Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky. She admires how they work with color and form, while moving away from figurative art. “I really like the way of conveying emotions and feelings not through a realistic (academic) image, but by an attempt to arouse these feelings from the inside: impressions of the color shade, mass, and impressions of the abstract form.”

The Angels Tarot