The Wheel of the Year: Litha

Litha (June 20th), also known as Midsummer, is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. On this day the sun is at its peak power, and is at the height of life-giving. The Goddess is now fully pregnant and beginning to prepare for birth. The Green God is also known as the Oak King. By Litha, the Oak King is abundant, but surrenders his reign to his twin, the Holly King. The Oak King represents strength, courage, and endurance, much like the wood of an oak tree is strong and burns slowly.

From this day forward, the light of the day begins to wane as the nights grow longer. With the celebration of summer days comes the knowledge that the Dark will soon return. This is a huge turning point on the Wheel of the Year; it should be recognized and celebrated bountifully!

Ways to Celebrate Litha:

  • Light a bonfire on Midsummer’s Eve to stay lit through the night while you watch the sunrise. The bonfire represents the sun at its strength; gratify it by burning aromatic oak and herbs.
  • Gather mistletoe, which grows on oak trees, to burn in the fire, in a bundle of sage, and as a center piece of your altar.
  • Give the gift of bundled herbs during Litha as they are at their peak abundance. Giving the gift of herbs is a symbol of the hope for a healthy, nurturing summer season.
  • Make honey mead to represent the Honey Moon that occurs during Litha. Honey is at its peak during Litha, so toast the abundance and healing properties of the sun and honey!
  • Accompany your honey mead with Honey Cake!

Litha begins the descent into the dark. Now is the time to manifest your goals. You’ve taken the year to grow, preparing for success, and working toward your goals. Take this time to give thanks for the growth you’ve had thus far, as well as concentrate your energy on the work to be done during the upcoming Harvest Season.

Tarot for Litha

Goal Manifestation: Three card spread

Card 1 (left): What is holding my goals back from manifestation?

Card 2 (middle): What can I do to help my goals manifest?

Card 3: (right): What do I need to be aware of throughout my summer solstice in order to manifest my goals?                                                                             

Take note of your tarot readings in your GIT journal and look back on the readings during the year for guidance and to hone your craft. If there is something that is unclear during your reading, but it is made clear later in the year, go back and notate that, too! At the end of the year, the GIT journal can be a good way to reflect on personal growth, let go of last year’s lessons, and preparing for the upcoming year.

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