Aliya's Fantastic Witch Tarot

Upcoming Decks!

We have a number of decks we hope to debut in 2023. Here is one!


by Aliya Izmylova

One of three witch tarot decks we are producing. This one is largely aimed at the young witch, beginners, and those interested in a smart deck that is not "heavy-handed".

This will be one of our 80 card decks, which includes a m/m and f/f version of the Lovers card. Also, in keeping with the witch theme, the suits have been name Athames (for Swords) and Broomsticks (for Wands). The court cards are all female - apprentice (for pages), warrior (for knights), teacher (for queens), and high priestess (for kings).

We hope to produce a Warlock deck at some point in the future.

All cards completed. Card back and box yet to be finished. We expect the deck to be fully ready for crowd-funding before the end of 2022.