Darkside Skeleton Tarot

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Publication Date 04/2023

The Darkside Skeleton Tarot

by Yury Skorohod

A brilliantly macabre deck from artist Yury Skorohod and Da Brigh Publishing.

Enter the world of the Darkside Skeleton Tarot and use these cards to deliver powerful readings for yourself, your friends and family, and your clients (if you are a professional reader).

The Artistic Technique

Yury uses a technique known as stippling/pointillism. Stippling/pointillism is a drawing technique in which areas of light and shadow are created using nothing but dots. The basic idea is simple: for darker areas, you apply a greater number of dots and keep them close together. Then for progressively lighter areas, use fewer dots and space them farther apart.

The Deck

Standard Edition ($30)

Standard printing in a tuck box. The cards size will be 4.75 x 2.75 in (120 x 70 mm). Cards will have a matte finish using 350gsm art paper. This deck will come with a digital booklet, which you will be able to download using a QR code.

The booklet has been written by professional tarot reader Philip Young, PhD

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Foil Edition ($40)

This edition will use holographic foil paper with an ink print overlay. The cards are durable will pop with silver in place of white for the highlights and open space. This version of the deck will come with a booklet and QR code (if you want a digital copy of the booklet).

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Premium Edition ($60)

This luxury edition will be printed using black plastic for the cards with a silver foil overlay. These cards are waterproof and basically indestructible!

This version of the deck will come with a learning workbook! Yes, you will get a journal-type book you can use to master your cards.

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Introduction and Sample Page from the Darkside Skeleton Tarot Learning Workbook

Custom T-Shirts - $25

Get a custom t-shirt with your favorite card from the deck. Get t-shirts for your significant other, friends, and family! Select your size S to XXL, men's or women's cut, your color (black or white), and your card image. The shirt is 100% cotton with a crew neck.

Wood Tarot Box - $30

Get this great black wooden tarot box with the Darkside Skeleton Tarot skull on the top. Perfect for storing and protecting your cards! Closes with a magnetic catch and is the perfect size for any standard tarot deck.

Tarot Bag - $5

Get a custom black tarot bag to protect your cards. The bag has the skull design that will appear on the card box for the deck.

Tarot Cloths - $20 Each

Choose from four designs. Get a 24 in X 24 in tarot cloth for your tarot readings with the Darkside Skeleton Tarot.

The Four Suits - Each of the objects for the suits are in the center of this cloth: the swords, cup, pentacle, and staffs (wands).

Skulls and Bones - simply the frame and open space in the middle.

The Kings and Stars - each king from each suit in the corners and a star field in the middle.

The Queens - each queen from each suit in the corners and open space in the middle.

Stickers (All 7 Sheets) - $10

Yury has provided 7 sheets of contour stickers on A5 sized paper, which is 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in or 148 x 210 mm.